25 June 2011

I now have a website

Take a look for recent work.


16 September 2009

Time Out London

"Performances and installations in the wood by 60 artists including Esther Caplin, Calum F Kerr, Tony Peakall and Holly Wortmann"


11 September 2009

magpies for the woods

10 September 2009

Tether (2009)
tracing paper,
LCD and CRT monitors,
DVD players

7 June 2009

Degree Show 29th June-4th July

(private view in the evening of the 29th)

Two weeks to set up:

build a wall
remove a wall
build another wall from tracing paper?
board up the windows
install a small hidden film
work out how to thief-proof projector
hide one zillion cables and plugs...

just a few things to do then...

3 April 2009


29 March 2009

tissue paper drawing (1/10)